D.A.V. Public School, Gohju Via Rait

Shahpur, Kangra - 176208

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The wheel of time does not cease, and neither does the human mind. As life takes its course and aims towards an upward flight, the way is not always what we desire, but right kind of school environment can make this journey smooth and meaningful.We cater the needs of our students because we have   rooted in our school environment,  the ideals of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, set forth to serve justice to the vision of Mahatma Hansraj, Anand swami, guided by Honorable President

Punam Suri ji and Ms. J. Kakria   (Director PS lll DAV CMC). We aspire to lead our children on the path of righteousness with our gentle guidance. I consider myself very fortunate and find myself happy to render my service to you all as a part of this institution.

Human curiosity had no bounds, when given the right direction this curiosity manifests as education. Education is a channel that awakens one to his or her own fuller potentials of life. It makes one aware of their strengths and limitations.Our present world in which we live is one of competition. Everything around looks very enticing and attractive. We are all in a huge rat-race, where some of us do not even know where we are running or heading towards. At this crucial and critical turn, I think our education system should provide the younger generation an experiential learning platform towards a life of values, innovations and sensibility. The lessons they learn indoor must broaden their consciousness towards integrity of head, heart and hands. Only then we will find more meaning in our combined work than in our individual successes. Let us be constantly reminded of our noble vocation as parents, teachers and students to build a better world for all of us to live in.

I sincerely thank my dear teachers for their dedicated and selfless service. Thank you  parents for your constant support and encouragement that fuels the fire of my enthusiasm to make  myself better each day. I also thank my students for their eagerness and their zeal to learn and grow and find meaning to their lives as they step forward in their course of life towards a meaningful destiny.


Anita Verma


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D.A.V. Public School, Gohju Via Rait

Tehsil - Shahpur
Kangra H.P. - 176208
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